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Crockpot Ham with Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze April 8, 2013

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Ham’s on sale! woot! But I’m not going to be home all day to watch the oven booooo. I learned how to make the perfect ham when my husband and I lived in our first apartment when we got married. It wasn’t really an apartment before me moved in it was just a basement with a fridge. But we put in alot of work and spruced up the place and my husband even put in a new kitchen….problem was the electrical box was overloaded and we couldn’t plug in the stove without blowing the circuit breaker….so he jerry rigged the stove and had each element go to a different circuit 🙂 Safe? yes Approved by an actually electrician? No. But it worked well enough. The elements in the stove though, didn’t get as hot as they were supposed to so my oven never reached above 325 degrees so that was the temperature that I cooked EVERYTHING…but I learned it makes for some really tender meat 🙂

Stir together:

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup mustard
1 ham

Place 1/4 of mixture on bottom of crockpot. Score ham. Place ham in crock pot flat side down. Pour remaining glaze over ham. Tent ham with aluminum foil if cover won’t fit. Cook on low for 6 hours. I saved the bone the make a ham bone broth for some yummy pea soup (to be posted later).

This could also be a honey mustard or a maple syrup mustard glaze but my husband can be picky when it comes to honey and maple syrup flavors being too strong and I decided that it’s just a glaze it won’t kill us.






One Response to “Crockpot Ham with Brown Sugar Mustard Glaze”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of mustard and ham but my mom is. I passed this recipe on to her and she is excited to try it next week. Thanks for the post.

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