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How to make: Coconut Water/Milk/Flour/Butter?/ Decorative Bowl/Cat February 12, 2013

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coconut pre bakes

I bought 2 coconuts priced $1.58 ea. Out of each coconut I was able to get the equivalent amount of coconut water to an 11oz bpa free tetra pack coconut water box which costs me $1.29 a box….So I was able to get coconut milk and flour out of the same box essential for free…yay! It does require time and effort but the more I do it the less time and effort it takes as I get more proficient at being a coconut monkey 🙂

To “make” coconut water:

*Find the softest eye of the coconut
*Use a steak knife and bore a hole
*Shake coconut water out into a container to drink later
(I think there must be almost a vacuum with only boring out one of the eyes but the other two are really hard so I just *shake shake shake* and the water does comes out. There is probably a better way 🙂 )

coconut peel

To get the meat out:

*Preheat over 350 degrees
*Whack coconut on hard surface (I used my concrete step outside my house and hoped the neighbors weren’t watching) where the opened eye is until it cracks
*Bake at least 10 minutes
*Pry out coconut meat with a butter knife (try to not shoot yourself in the eye or hit the ceiling with chunks of coconut)
*Use a vegetable peeler and remove the brown skin on the meat
(for larger pieces I needed to bake it longer…make sure it doesn’t brown- next time I will whack the coconut more on the concrete to get smaller pieces)

coconut bowl

Make a bowl:

*Save large pieces of husk for decoration. 🙂 Done!

Make coconut milk:

*Soak coconut in filtered water for several hours in blender
*Blend until coconut meat is completely pureed
*strain “milk” from puree

Make coconut flour:

*Preheat oven to 200 degrees
*Place coconut puree (which looks more like teeny tiney chunks) onto a cookie sheet and leave in oven for several hours until dry
*Pulse in food processor into fine flour

Make coconut butter……

*uh I tried making coconut butter with my Ninja and then my Kitchenaid food processor and it didn’t really work

Something I learned….my kitty loves coconut meat…I might have to change her name to Coconut Whiskers


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