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Sleek Sculpt Express Ellen Barrett Live- Review February 4, 2013

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ellen barret sleek sculpt express

5 out of 5 stars


*I love the wide range of motion with the weights you definitely workout bits of muscle I didn’t even know existed that way ;p
*You very often are moving your arms and legs simultaneous but it isn’t so complicated that I can’t follow, my favorite is the tree pose combination with the weights
*Like most of her workouts it is working out for the purpose of functionality, which also usually means it feels gooooood. You get a good stretch out of it and don’t feel tight like workouts that are more meant to just bulk you up and make you stronger.
*It’s interesting that at the end you cool down and stretch with weights still in your hands. Ellen says at the end that the workout turns on your pilot light, so I guess the stretch is this way it is because it’s not the end of your day it’s preparing you for the beginning, so it makes me feel like I should do my own stretch at the end of my day

Overall, After this Ellen workout I felt more raring to go for more life rather than the typical I just sat at my desk all day and now I feel like my blood finally got some chance to pump and I feel stretched out. So definitely different from her other studio workouts. I like that it is 30 mins but I don’t feel like I was cheated of a good workout. She is as cheerful and cute as ever. I would save this workout, for people who don’t have any disabilities like balance issues due to knee/hip surgeries and such, for later it is a bit fast pace with a decent amount of balance…. but I’ll let my MIL try it out once I’m on my next DVD in my rotation and she what she thinks 🙂

I was not disappointed this was another Ellen Barrett=LOVE!

Ellen is releasing 2 other new 30 minute workouts soon Fusion Floor Workout- March 1, 2013 and Super fast Body Blast- May 1, 2013. Can’t wait to try them out!

You can buy Sleek Sculpt Express here and I will get a small commission for passing you on.

I received this DVD to review for free from Ellen Barrett Fusion Fitness but the love for her products are all my own.