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Kumquaty Immunity-smoothie June 4, 2013

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Not the prettiest picture but yum!…my lymph nodes were swollen so I decided I needed to try to take some preemptive measures…pretty tasty and certain to fry those germs

1 lb strawberries
1 lb ginger peeled
5 lemons squeezed
1 bag washed spinach
Enough water to get a drinkable texture
Honey to taste



Must get Fruits and Veggies in the Kumquaty Family Belly February 18, 2013

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I really really need to eat more vegetables. Fruits are easy but forking all those salads into my mouth seems like so much effort…oh the chewing and the forking….anyways a friend of mine mentioned that pineapple makes everything taste better and that she uses it to blend with spinach to help her get her veggies down the hatch so I tried brainstorming some veggie fruit combos that sounded tasty and that gave some taste/nutrient/color variety.

I tried to keep it to 3 ingredients or less to keep the flavor pure and clean I find that juices and smoothies tend to get kind of muddy and all start tasting the same when you add too many of the same ingredients into all of them.

pineapple + spinach
peach + spinach
blueberry + beets
coconut + pumpkin
cucumber + strawberry + lime
orange + carrot
green apple + beet + carrot
coconut + spinach
cantaloupe + cucumber + mint
kiwi + spinach + chia seed
kiwi + avocado

What tasty fruit/veggie smoothie combos do you have? Have you ever come up with a good smoothie including brocoli or red bell pepper? How do you get your veggie on?