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Food Waste January 23, 2013

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I just watched a funny episode on The Chew (yes it’s a lame show but I don’t have cable and I like watching food shows) about food waste/leftovers. Daphne Oz said she thought the rule was throw it out after 5 days. Michael Symon said he goes by the smell rule and Mario Batali said he went with the fuzz rule. I agree with the chefs. WHile I am not proud of it (I am so lying I am definately proud of it) I have eaten food over 14 days old. I don’t make a habit of it (usually the max is 10 days). If it doesn’t smell bad, have “fuzz”, (or for my husband the texture hasn’t changed), I’m eating it. I don’t encourage such eating and I usually only personally eat this (my husband doesn’t get it, I don’t give it to guests and we don’t have children to poison) but it really does save on money and means less food waste, a global problem. I’m not listening to the USDA they poison us.

What is your rule of thumb as to when food get’s thrown out?