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Blueprint Cleanse Style CAB recipe February 9, 2013

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blueprint cleanse

So advertising works. These bottles are awesome cute….the price. NOT.

So I did some online snooping and found out how easy it is to make these juices with just some raw fruit/veg and a juicer or blender depending on the recipe (the juicer was lovingly provided me years ago as a wedding gift the blender more recently as gift from the other half)

I decided to start with the CAB (Carrot/Apple/Beet) juice because I love all the ingredients juiced individually

whole cab

I just started by cleaning and chopping up the ingredients small enough to fit in the feed tube (warning where gloves when chopping/touching/standing in the vicinity of beets unless you want red hands)

(what you see it 5 green apples/ 1 lb carrots/ 3 medium beets)

I decided to juice systematically to keep the pulp “clean” so that I could store/ freeze them individually to make different grain free muffins with so first, the lightest colored item, the green apple went through. For some reason I had an issue juicing the apple, if I wasn’t fast enough apple would shoot all over the kitchen…funny but a bit of a pain to find out where all the bits flew too. I then bagged the pulp into a container. Next the carrots, pulp bagged. And then finally, with gloves on, the beets. Pulp bagged.

cab swirl

I couldn’t capture the beauty of this juice with a camera. You know with natural colors this bright it HAS to be good for you.

Finally stir and enjoy.

cab ala blueprint cleanse

[Update: TMI but my pee is “beet red” here’s a link that discusses it so you personally can decide if you are concerned or not if it happens to you. I’ve read many places that too much juicing is hard on your liver but I’ve only been drinking 4 oz a day so I’m not concerned personally]