Kumquaty It

let food be thy medicine

Recipe Ingredients January 24, 2013

*click on any of links and it will bring you to where you can buy the product…bonus I get commission for recommending the product (in my recommend list are only products that I have personally tried and loved unless otherwise stated and I do not get any money from the makers of the product)

Dowd and Rodgers Chestnut Flour This is the first product I used in my first grain free baking/cooking experiment and it worked great! a really soft delicate nut flour. I could barely even tell the pancakes I made didn’t have regular wheat flour

Kerry gold butter and cheese- they are all grass fed!!

Organic Valley dairy

Nutiva Coconut Oil

Nutiva Coconut Manna

Nativas Naturals Cacao It’s the real stuff! Pure raw cacao with all the nutrients. I read It’s better for you than a glass of wine…I like to eat one a day kinda of like an all natural “vitamin”

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Water


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