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Herbal Products/ Cleaning Products/ Vitamins January 24, 2013

*click on any of links and it will bring you to where you can buy the product…bonus I get commission for recommending the product (in my recommend list are only products that I have personally tried and loved unless otherwise stated and I do not get any money from the makers of the product)

For Winter Time Blues (trying to get these into our diet more naturally in food but an extra boost for the winter)

vitamelt d

Vitamelts D- I have a hard time getting my husband to take any type of pill on a regular basis but he likes these he said that the vanilla flavor is really good

vitamelts b

Vita Melts B-12– husband verdict berry flavor tastes artificial but not bad

Sambucol- for a cold
Vitamin C- I usually only use this if I am very sick there are interactions with a medication I take so I no longer take it regualrly, My dad took it in large doses to reduce harderning of the arteries based on Linus Paulings studies and it really worked!
Fish Oil-
Flax seed Oil-
Calcium and Magnesium pill for remineralizing teeth
Melatonin- as a sleep aid. I don’t take it regularly because it stops working and I keep having to take more for it to have any effect

I get most of my supplements from Vitacost.com the have the BEST prices in general

Citric Acid- for household cleaning
Boric Acid- whitening clothes (I don’t use it very often because it is toxic to pets and my cat won’t stay out of anything.)
Diatomaceous Earth- for ant control and for deworming my cat
Baking Soda

I like to get my loose herbs/ products for natural cleaning from Mountain Rose Herbs

Things I would like to try

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar


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