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Exercise DVDS January 24, 2013

*click on any of links and it will bring you to where you can buy the product…bonus I get commission for recommending the product (in my recommend list are only products that I have personally tried and loved I do not get any money from the makers of the product)

I currently LOVE Ellen Barrett. I have always felt that if a workout is too intense while I may enjoy it I will think twice against doing it again especially if I am tired afterwards or ravenously hungry from it. Ellen Barrett’s workout do neither. My back always feels strong, I feel like I have better posture and I feel nice and stretched out and relaxed afterwards despite sweating it out. And it’s nice I can even take it with me on vacation and do it in the privacy of my hotel room.

grace and gusto

Grace and GustoThis is one of the ones I do if I haven’t exercised in awhile or don’t feel so well. It’s also good for people that are maybe ready to exercise after say a knee surgery but are just getting into it.

skinny sculpt

Skinny Sculpt This one uses weights so it works out your arms. I like the wide range of motions with the weights gets into the arm muscle nooks and crannies

fusion flow

Fusion FlowThis one feels like you’ve had a massage after you’re through….great after a long day of sitting in a chair

ellen barret sleek sculpt express

Sleek Sculpt Express– It’s fast, it’s fun! No floor work and your done in 30 minutes but you don’t feel cheated out of a workout. Weights are in hand the entire time.


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