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LaraBar Review Part III- Uber and Jocalat April 17, 2013

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Everyone needs a quick healthy snack that they can keep on hand when on the go and I’ve been seeing and hearing about LaraBars everywhere and wanted to give them a try. The company was nice enough to send me a few to review. I wanted to review one of each of their 4 types of bars


LaraBar-carrot cake
Alt- lemon pound cake
Jocalat-chocolate mint
Uber- apple turnover


I picked flavors I knew my husband would like because I will eat almost anything, even if it’s kind of gross, if it’s healthy. So he is a better candidate to review than I am 🙂 and I really like to see what healthy things I can get him to eat.


[sorry I forgot to take a picture of the Uber Apple Turnover …just imagine something chunky and sticky :)]

Uber Apple Turnover

*I liked it a little sticky and a little sour but yum yum. The texture of the dried apple was a bit spongy.

*My husband said *grossed out face* don’t like overall taste, sour, sticky, unpleasant texture, bad aftertaste, texture changes from crunchy to chewy




Jocalat Chocolate Mint

*I could barely swallow my bite, very bitter tastes like dirt

*He said not good but kept eating more, a friend said smells like wine

So overall. We only like the original Larabar. But what they got right they really got right. Yum


I received these samples of Larabar from the company for free but the review is just because I found it to be yummy (or not)


2 Responses to “LaraBar Review Part III- Uber and Jocalat”

  1. Sam Says:

    I found the choc mint one really nice tasted how it should. You should try chocolate chip cookies dough that’s my favorite

    • kumquaty Says:

      It was just too intense chocolate flavor with no sweetness…..chip cookie dough might be better if it is a little less chocolately I will have to give it a try

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