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There’s a gummy shortage! March 17, 2013

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This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system…..if this was a real gummy emergency we would direct you to go to your stoves and follow this gummy recipe. Yes i’m lame ;p but this is what it feels like when we are near a gummy shortage in our house. So I figures out how to make my own. My first gummy experiment was a fail. I tried to make it will frozen strawberry puree and I just didn’t realize how much gelatin you need in proportion to liquid to make a real gummy like texture and ended up with jam instead. But it’s pretty simple. I just need to do cost comparisons to see if this is really cheap enough to make on a regular basis.

Kumquaty Gummy Candy
4 packets of knox gelatin
1/3 cup of juice concentrate or sweetened puree
1 tbs water

Pour ingredients into a cold pot and stir until dissolved. Cook over low heat for 5 mins. Pour into molds or into a small glass loaf pan, no need to grease dish. Let cool and then refrigerate til solid (cooling process takes about an hour). If you poured it into molds then just pop them out and enjoy, if you put it into a glass loaf pan run a clean paring knife around the edge and peel out the gummy sheet and either cut on a cutting board with a sharp knife or use kitchen shears, easy peasy!


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