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Quick Thai Stirfry Sauce March 5, 2013

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Want to be able to quickly make your own Gai Pad Krapow or Pad Krapow Moo? just blend up your you thai stir fry marinade and you can make in any night in a few minutes with any type of meat or vegetables you like

Kumquaty Thai Stir Fry Sauce

bunch thai basil
2 thai chilis
5 garlic cloves
1/2 bottle fish sauce
sugar or agave to taste (about 3 tbs)

Puree above in blender except for the sugar. Add in sugar to taste, it shouldn’t really taste sweet but well balanced.

Use the sauce to marinate chicken, pork, shrimp for a few hours or over night.

marinating chicken

Stir fry meat, add vegetable of choice and add a few more spoons of the sauce and have the perfect easy thai stirfry.

stir fry veggies


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