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let food be thy medicine

Whoo hoo! February 25, 2013

Filed under: Random-nocity — kumquaty @ 7:11 am

Whoo hoo! My husband has joined me in my path to better health (kind of) I try not to nag but as I learn things I tell him what I learn. How sugar is bad, how caffeine makes me feel, what wheat does to you, what vitamins are especially good for, you know….and he like the most of society feels yah that’s probably true but I can’t cut out x,y,z and be happy. SO sure that’s fine he’s an adult like I’m an adult and he’s entitled to eat what he wants (as long as sugar isn’t illegal like cocaine…when will that be in the works? ok never I know but one can hope) so he gave me pats on the back when I did my sugar detox and I kept him up to date on the weight I lost but what had the most effect was how I felt….I felt great! and he wanted to feel great too. So while he hasn’t made the jump he has significantly cut out his intake of caffeinated soda. WHich I am very happy about. He’s paying for it in withdrawal and isn’t replacing it with the best things… but I’m still happy as I bake him brownies to help him get through it all 🙂


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