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Using Oil to Combat Oil- My skin project February 21, 2013

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Winter is harsh on my skin. As a youngling I had very oily skin, now as a middle aged wench I have combination skin, alittle bit of acne, and some wicked dry patches of gross scaly skin in the winter. Last winter was especially bad. I even went to the local pharmacy to try and figure out what could possibly help with the weird scaly patches. I reached for some Ponds. It was supposed to deep clean my skin (no acne?) but not remove the natural oils…good right? My first case of eczema. It was NOT pretty. I looked like I had grown reptile skin around my eyes and it burned real bad…..


This year I heard about oil cleansing. I saw that typically people used olive oil mixed with castor oil. I didn’t have any castor oil…and I heard that coconut oil was probably to heavy and might make me breakout….but grapeseed oil was said to be noncomedogenic and I had some due to an earlier home made lotion experiment. I don’t completely follow the typical rules to oil cleansing. I heard that the really hot steam can be harsh on your skin. SO my daily routine consists of a bottle of grapeseed oil in my shower. I put it all over my face and neck as soon as I get in and then massage it in real good. The I continue with washing my hair etc. allowing the steam in the bathroom to do it’s thing. They I massage it one more time before taking a wash cloth warmed and wetted in the shower to wipe off all the oil and then exfoliate the dry crusty spots on my face. About once a week I follow this with some baking soda (that is also kept in a small container in my tub) and massage it onto my face for some extra exfoliation.

Verdict: It doesn’t make my face breakout….but I also doesn’t really clear out my pores or the few hormonal breakouts I still get. BUT no more crusty dry spots! and my face feels so smooth and soft! I don’t even need to put on lotion when I get out. Hurray! and of course no exzema due to chemicals in typical face cleansing products…so I would say definitely a winter win…and probably a summer one to since i don’t seem to have combination skin with this method.

Now how to combat super dry winter hands….hmmmm

I get most of my skin/ herbal products from Mountain Rose Herbs love that place.

How many of you have either successfully or unsuccessfully tried oil cleansing?

[image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net by Sura Nualpradid]


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