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Baconaise February 20, 2013

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Your own highly flavorful homemade mayonnaise. Yum. This is really easy to do if you are already making bacon that day since you don’t have to melt the bacon. No rancid canola oil or estrogenic soybean oil just yummy goodness.

1 cup oil (bacon fat (liquid but not hot) + enough olive oil to make 1 cup)
2 whole eggs
pinch salt
2 tbs apple cider vinegar (like Bragg’s)
1 tsp mustard

Place eggs, mustard and vinegar in food processor. Run the food processor and place the cooled oil in the food pusher (assuming that your food processor pusher is like mine and has two tiny little holes in the bottom that perfectly drizzle liquid- if you don’t have this just drizzle oil very very slowly down the feed tube). Let run until all the oil is gone and then your done!

[Be warned this is a raw egg recipe if you are worried about that you can modify by putting the egg, vinegar and an extra tbs of water in a sauce pan and put over very low heat. Stir constantly until you see the first 2 bubbles and then STOP! Push this through a fine mesh strainer to make sure there are not scrambled eggs chunks and then place in the food processor and continue with the recipe above at that point.]

you can get Bragg’s apple cider vinegar here and I will get a small commission


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