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the conscious kitchen by Alexandra Zissu- Review February 11, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard whispers of these dark secrets…seen blog postings here and there…seen a warning in a magazine….but to have it all compiled in one book…thankfully within the first chapter there is the statement “every little bit helps” or I might have just giving up eating all together.

*nice beginners primer to how to be more conscious of what goes into what we buy/eat
*no colorful pictures but a quick read (reminds me of a health friendly hints from Heloise)
*nice little further reading boxes
*some recipes scattered through

What I learned:
*ins and outs of grass fed beef. what grass finishing means and why you know your beef isn’t 100% grass fed if you’re buying it fresh in the winter
*why free range doesn’t mean anything (why I should just stop reading the stupid labels on supermarket chicken and just go to the local farmers even if it’s weird to bring home warm, not cooked freshly killed, chicken)
*why to be concerned with what my chicken is being fed even at a local farm (arsenic is found in poultry feed to help them grown fast and to make the meat look “better” gross)
*details on how to pick good bison
*why Whole Foods chicken says air-chilled, I just thought the chickens just needed some air conditioning
* details on healthy and not healthy pots, pans, and food storage

definitely a good book

click here to buy and I get a small commission


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