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Daily meal goals to work into meal planning- for week of Feb 11-17 February 10, 2013

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olive oil

My Tenants of Kumquaty Daily Meal Goals

Applegate Bacon- (vit-bs)
Eggs- (omega 3) (using Eggland’s Best still working on trying to get a viable option for organic eggs)
OJ-vit c

Cajun chicken drumsticks (on the bone)
Soaked Red beans and Brown rice (vit-b)

Mexican Casserole 1- italian sausage, enchilda sauce, pepperjack cheese, sour cream (some vit-d)

Mexican Casserole 2- turkey (on the bone), broccoli (vit-c), pepperjack cheese, sour cream ( some vit-d)

Fermented- Ginger Beer! yum!
Bone broth update- should be getting my bones this week!
Organ meat- fail
Raw food- fail….maybe I’ll try adding some fruit
Vit-D soso

ugh so many things to try to include each week hard to keep track

What are you trying to include weekly/daily in your meals?

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