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62-Minute DVD Ballet Body Workout (starring Jennifer Galardi) -review January 30, 2013

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[update: sorry the youtube video was closed down but you can still always buy it from Amazon.com sooo worth it]

This was a youtube recommendation from watching Zen Sculpt by Ellen Barret so I just watched a small clip to try to figure out if I liked it and it looked pretty interesting. So I’ve tried it 2 times now and I love it! The girl looked really familiar and I realized that I tried one of her workouts before and hated it so I’m not going to blindly buy her series or anything but this particular workout was similar to Ellen’s. I didn’t feel as stretched and relaxed afterwards but the pro’s are: not to many repeated reps, nice flowing motions (still taking me a while to get the choreography) but unlike Ellen’s workouts I feel much more sore afterwards…which is good now and then. I really like the frogs that you do and I love how it strengthens my upper back improving my posture and opening up my chest. And the whole workout is very serene. She’s not as cute or fun to watch as Ellen but I am definitely adding this to my workout regiment.

ballet body

You can also buy it here. If you buy it through this link I get a small commission.


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