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Daily meal goals to work into meal planning- for week of Jan 28- Feb 3 January 25, 2013

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olive oil

My Tenants of Kumquaty Daily Meal Goals

Applegate Bacon- (vit-bs)
Eggs- (omega 3) (using Eggland’s Best still working on trying to get a viable option for organic eggs)
Kiwis for husband (vit-c, raw food enzymes) oranges (vit-c, raw food enzymes) for me

Sticky chicken drumsticks- on the bone
Napa Cabbage pad thai “noodles” (folate; vit-c)

seared crusted ahi tuna (vit-D; niacin; omega-3)
edamame wild rice salad (I normally shun soy products that aren’t traditionally fermented but my mom hand picked these….so I have to use them 🙂 )- (raw food enzymes)

need to start fermenting food! and waiting for bone broth bones…organ meats still hasn’t happened

What are you trying to include weekly/daily in your meals?

Image courtesy of m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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