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Almond Flour (the el cheapo way)- How to make your own January 21, 2013

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So grain free cooking certainly isn’t the cheapest. Man sure does know how to make franken-products super hard to say no to with those low walmart-esque prices. So I’ve been making my own almond flour. It does take time but I probably shouldn’t be eating that many baked products anyways grain free or not.

You will need:
blender/food processor
fine mesh strainer/sieve
wooden spoon
container to store almond flour in fridge

So you start with whole almonds. The cheapest in my area are at BJ’s less than $4/lbs- not bad. It’s purest if you get them unsalted, the ones I bought were salted (wasn’t paying attention) so I just leave out the salt in my recipes. I used it in my Kumquaty Banana Blueberry Muffins and it was just fine.

You can blanch the almonds if you want to take off the skins. This would leave you with a lighter whiter product but I don’t mind the extra fiber.

Make sure they are completely dry if you decided to blanch them and then throw them into your blender/food processor/ vita mix/ Ninja. Blend until they are a powdery mess….stop a little short of completely fine you don’t want almond butter. Then wait a second for the dust to settle. Place sifter over a bowl or your final storage container if it fits well. Dump almonds in and then stir around with the wooden spoon to give all the little fine bits a chance to fall through. You can also do a little shakey shake to help it along. You will see left in the strainer, surprise, some hunks of almond left. Throw back into food processor and repeat all steps until you have nothing left but almond flour goodness.


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