Kumquaty It

let food be thy medicine

Soaked chickpeas smell like poop January 20, 2013

Filed under: Random-nocity — kumquaty @ 2:48 am

So according to what I vaguely know about Nourishing Traditions and phytic acid and trying to avoid BPA with canned beans I’m trying to soak/cook my beans the correct way. So the first beans I’ve tried to soak were chick peas. I was planning on soaking them in warm with baking soda for 48+ hours and then slow cook them in broth with my crock pot…by the third day they smell baaaad. Like so bad I need to google whether I could still eat those putrid things…. It seemed like the answer was yes though some people said to just throw them away. So I decided to thow caution to the wind and then just cook them the way I had planned. They came out fine and didn’t smell after I cooked them but man the initial smell. Not sure I want to make chick peas anymore yeesh.


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