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Daily meal goals to work into meal planning January 18, 2013

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olive oil

So this is what I’m trying to keep in mind as I do my weekly shopping and meal planning

1 high vitamin c food (ex:kiwi, hot chili pepper, bell pepper, broccoli, citrus and peel, strawberry)
1 high vitamin d food (ex:wild salmon, light tuna in oil, flounder, cod, pork ribs, eggs, shiitake mushroom, ricotta)
1 high vitamin b food (ex:clams, oyster, mussels, fish egg, octopus, salmon, tuna, egg, crab, lobster, beef, lamb, cheese)
omega-3 (ex:flax seed oil, salmon, chia, grass fed meat and dairy, omega-3 enriched eggs)
Bone broth

and some new things I am trying to include based on what I learned from Wellness Mama and her review of the book Deep nutrition by Dr. Cate

Meat cooked on the bone
Organ meat
Fermented food (yogurt)
Raw foods (during the winter papayas, pineapples, mango, kiwi)

So let’s see how I’ve done for this week

grainfree breakfast “pizza” -eggs (vit-B, omega-3), pork sausage (still working on healthier pork sausage options in my area), tomato sauce (jarred bpa free), mushrooms, poblanos, applegate pepperoni, onions
Kiwis for husband (vit-c, raw food enzymes) oranges (vit-c, raw food enzymes) for me

falafel baked boneless chicken thighs
tomato (raw food enzymes), cucumber(raw food enzymes), feta (vit-b) salad

for husband: fish taco -wild salmon (omega-3, vit-b, vit-d)/ wheat flour (not the good kind still working on good tortilla options for the hubby)/ chipotle mayo (homemade mayo…still working on bpa free chipotle peppers)

for self: kimchee (fermented) mackerel(omega-3, vit-b, vit-d, bone in, bpa rich it’s coming from a can 😦 ) soup with brown rice

There were 2 dinner options this week to save money wild Alaskan salmon is expensive but husband doesn’t like mackerel

So for this week I am falling short on fermented food and meat on the bone for hubby; organ meats and bone broth for both of us. Local grass feed meat guy is saving me up bones for bone broth so that is in process…as for organs meat first I have to find a healthy source second I have to figure out how to cook it so we can stomach it 🙂

What are you trying to include weekly/daily in your meals?

Image courtesy of m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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