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Past 21 day Sugar Detox- food journal January 15, 2013

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So the 21 day sugar detox wasn’t actually that bad considering the way I do my weekly cooking/meal planning anyways. So every weekend I decide what my husband and I are going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, around tuesday or wednesday after work I do my grocery shopping and then either friday, saturday or sunday evening I cook for the whole next week (I do volunteer work on the weekend so the only time I have to cook is in the evening.) I realize this only works for me because I have a small family of 2 and because my husband is not a picky eater and doesn’t mind eating the same thing every breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire week.

week 1 (day 1-7)
B: brown rice, kimchee, egg, occasionally with bacon
L: vegetable crab soup (chicken broth, variety of soup veggies, crab claw meat, old bay)- yum!
D: eggroll “guts” (ground beef, sausage, cabbage, carrot zucchini) – not my favorite

week 2 (day 8-14)
B: brown rice, kimchee, egg
L: korean spicy beef soup: Yook Gae Jang – 육개장
D: japanese beef broth soup -shabu shabu with this I made my husband a side of udon noodle to eat with the soup

week 3 (day 15-21)
B: brown rice, kimchee, egg (Yes my breakfast is VERY repetitive before this detox it was cold oatmeal with almond milk and cinnamon but I have since learned that un cooked grains aren’t very good for you)
L: baked ethiopian spiced chicken drumsticks (just found a berbere spice mix recipe on the internet and coated the chicken with that and some clarified butter and baked it)
D: shrimp steamed with old bay with broccoli

got a whole filet of beef from BJ’s and cooked up steaks from time to time with a spinach salad on the side to vary my meals

snacks: nuts, pumpkin seeds, teas, homemade sugar free almond joy (cacao powder mixed with coconut oil was the first layer, second layer was unsweetened coconut milked with more coconut oil topped with an almond- taste more like a super healthy energy treat than candy), unsweetened coconut water, coconut milk powder- ate it like it was powdered sugar yum!, guacamole, peanut butter, popcorn thrown into a paper lunch bag microwaved for 3 minutes and then shaken up with coconut oil and sea salt)

When the urge to eat out happened I…. stopped and the Giant grocery store and got a container or cashews and some unsweetened coconut water, when to chipotle and got a burrito bowl brown rice no dairy and added some guacamole from home since they charge EXTRA for guac ridiculous, went to panera and got the avocado cobb salad sams croutons and cheese, went to red robin and got the guac burger “bunless” or wrapped in lettuce leaves)

and every morning started with a cup of hot lemon water

Does anyone else cook in bulk just once a week like I do?


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