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Chestnut Flour Pancakes (grain free/ sugar free) January 15, 2013

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chestnut pancake

These were delicious!!! and they looked like real pancakes…except brown 🙂 I will start posting pictures but since this was a recipe already tried and since devoured I don’t currently have any. Recipe modified from the back of the chestnut flour bag.

Kumquaty Light and Fluffy grain free Pancakes

makes about 6

1 1/2 c chestnut flour
1/2 c unsweetened coconut flakes
1 c coconut milk
1 c seltzer water
1 egg
pinch salt

Fried like a regular pancake in coconut oil.

Topped with thickened coconut milk (just stick a container of coconut milk in the fridge, melts onto the warm pancakes like a weird butter/ whipped cream like texture….and sprinkle with coconut milk powder which is surprisingly sweet tasting….like powdered sugar! but I also haven’t had ANY sugar in 21 days :). For a special treat a spoonful or nut butter mmm-mmm.

This was a good pancake replacement, nice and fluffy

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