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21 day Sugar Detox January 15, 2013

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So I did a 21-day sugar detox. Not unusual for me but definitely the most extreme detox I have done (I don’t like to call it a diet because I think a diet should be long term) I did start this blog thinking that I would chronicle my journey but that was kind of too much considering that I was also emailing my food journal daily with a few friends that decided they would take up the challenge with me….so instead I will chronicle the journey of the diet I intend to follow the rest of my life…wheat free, unprocessed, and moderation being the key. Who am I? My name is kumquaty and I am a sugar addict….

So for the past 21 days I have eaten no added sugar, no fruit, no dairy and the only grain I was allowed was brown rice and no more than 1/2 of corn.

It wasn’t to bad. I used the week prior to the detox to stop eating processed foods. First day was great, second fine….the third and fourth day I had serious muscle aches but I exercised the fourth day and surprisingly it helped alot, and then I felt GREAT! Alot more energy, less of the end of day blahs, just overall good. One thing that I started doing on the detox was to also cut out caffeine but since it wasn’t officially apart of the detox I started drinking some black coffee and green tea here and there just for something to drink. BAD idea I was soooooo groggy the next few days. It seems that I can’t drink more than one caffeinated drink a week or I immediately become dependant on it to stay awake and need to add more and more cups to my day.


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